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> About G Scale Trains

The largest of the mass-produced scales, G Scale is a generic term that encompasses trains made in the scales of 1:22.5, 1:24, 1:29, and 1:32 [1:32 is also referred to as No. 1 Scale].  Big and burly, many G Scale trains are best known for their ability to operate both indoors and outdoors.  LGB, Aristo-Craft, and USA Trains are the largest manufacturers of G Scale trains designed for indoor and outdoor use.  Lionel and MTH also make indoor/outdoor G Scale trains, and Bachmann has a G Scale line primarily designed for indoor use only.  G Scale trains run on 2-rail track and use DC power.  There are two main product lines in G Scale, American-prototype trains and European-prototype trains.  Most LGB items are European prototype, while the others are primarily American.  At Trainz, we carry a full line of G Scale sets, engines, cars, track, and accessories.   Trainz actively searches for G Scale collections and we often have many out-of-production engines, cars, sets, and track sections in stock.

If you don't see what you're looking for here in our store, please check our eBay auctions for G-Scale items.


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