Detail Associates

Founded by Pete Arnold, Bruce Boles, Pete Thorp and Charles Williams in 1975 who were also involved in other ventures individually, Detail Associates is a manufacturer of model railroad parts and kits.  One of the founders sold his share of the company and two of them passed away, leaving one of them to manage the company. Because Detail Associates is a small company and the owner is busy with other endeavors, most of its products are hard to find and with over 600 SKUS in three scales and 30 year old tooling, it seems that that the owner cannot cope with the demands. Its line of products are usually out of stock and are hard to find. The brand is known for its detail parts and kits for diesels, passenger cars and caboose, freight cars, decals, scenery backdrops, freight car kits,  and passenger car kits, as well as  and modeling supplies such as wire, screws and flat brass.

Trainz is the place to shop for hard to find Detail Associates parts and products.

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