GarGraves Track

GarGraves was founded by Eldyn S. Graves in 1940. He partnered with Earle A. Gardner to manufacture and market new flexible tracks.  At the onset, GarGraves track was originally available only in O gauge three rail with tin-plated rail, and then the two rail and outside third rail were added to the line.  The "Phantom" black center rail was introduced in the 1950's, as well as the S gauge and Standard gauge track. In 1963, GarGraves was sold to Don Roder, and his sons are now operating the company. GarGraves continues to expand its product line, the latest addition of which are the track end bumpers, insulating track pins, the 72-Wye switch and power/accessory wires made with a variety of different connections already attached to the wire, and a 54 switch.

GarGraves has not stopped innovating its products ensuring customer satisfaction and loyalty, and Trainz carries a wide range of its products.

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