HO Scale Trains

Here you will find our HO - Scale - HOn3 - and HOn30 items. If you're a new train collector and don't know what size to buy, HO scale is a great place to start. At 1/87 scale, it'll fit nicely in a standard-sized room and will still be plenty large enough to show off to your family and friends! 

HOn3 is the same scale and size as HO, but it operates on different track. The rails are more narrowly distanced from each other than the rail on HO Scale. This allows the train to operate on tighter radius curves.

Take a stroll using our new search options on the sidebar/filter icon located to your left. This will narrow down your favorite scale, brand, and a whole lot more! 

Featured Manufacturers: Atlas - Athearn - Bachmann - Broadway Limited - Rapido - Walthers

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