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Kadee, a long time model railroad manufacturer, is known for their Kadee couplers as well as rolling stock and accessories. The company was established by twin brothers Keith and Dale Edwards in 1940.  As both of them were toolmakers and capable engineers, they were able to develop their HO knuckle coupler. The brothers had a falling out in the early 1990's, and Dale took over Kadee while Keith established Micro-Trains Line. In 1997, Dale and his son Larry added HO (1:87.1) scale RTR plastic freight cars to their product line because the coupler patent was expiring. They had to do innovations to combat the proliferation of knock off couplers manufactured overseas. It was also at this time that they developed and manufactured the HO Scale PS-1 cars, setting new standards once again.  The company still holds more than 40 Patents including “Self Centering Trucks”, “Truck Pin Post Assembly”, “Electro-Magnetic Un-coupler”, “Delayed Magnetic Un-coupling”, “Magnetic Core Actuator”, “Whisker"® Centering” and “2 Piece Model Railroad Truck”. Its pending patents include the “Polymer Resign Springs” and a number of other new ideas and designs.

For your couplers needs, Trainz offers over 500 different varieties of Kadee Couplers available in Z, N, HO, O, and G Scales.

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