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Founded in the 1950s, Life-Like was a company that pioneered extruded foam ice chests under the Lifoam trademark. Ice chests were seasonal items and the company had to find ways to keep their factory open all year round, thus, Life-Like ventured into manufacturing extruded foam tunnels for model trains as model railroading was becoming popular in the post-war years. In the 1960's, Life Like expanded its product which included scenery items, and manufacturing rolling stock. In the 1970's, Life Like purchased Varney Inc. and began to manufacture its product line as their own.  In 2005, Life Like, now known as Lifoam Industries sold their model railroad operations to Wm. K. Walthers because they wanted to concentrate on their core products of extruded foam. 

The Life-Like brand has more than 300 railroad products including locomotives, train sets, rolling stock, track, structures, figures and scenery. You can shop for a wide variety of Life-Like products here at Trainz.

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