Lionel Trains

Founded by Joshua Lionel Cowen in 1900, Lionel Trains is one of the most beloved of all model train brands. He envisioned father and son bonding through his model trains, and a Lionel layout became a staple in living rooms across the country especially during Christmas time.

By the 1960's, there was a decline in the sales of Lionel Trains due to the onset of other modes of transportation and the generation gap between Fathers and sons. Today, Joshua Lionel Cowen's dream is back through new and innovative products. His dream captures the hearts and igniting the imagination of not just children, but adults as well!

We're proud to offer you a full selection of this beloved train brand! You'll find a vast selection of hard-to-find vintage models from Standard Gauge, Prewar, Postwar, MPC, as well as contemporary Lionel trains. Trainz also carries an extensive selection of the latest catalog releases while they last.

Like you, we're model train enthusiasts - and we can't wait to show you our train collection!

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