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The first steam train was built in 1804 and because trains became a vital mode of transportation of people and cargoes, “models” were created as sales promotional tools, and later on as toys. No one can really say when railroad modeling came about, but kids and adults became fascinated with trains and how they work, thus, model railroading became a hobby that is still popular today. From steam trains to bullet trains, the train industry has grown leaps and bounds. Because model railroading is a hobby that has spanned for more than a hundred years, Trainz offers model trains from every era. Common names of model train eras are the Prewar era of O Gauge and Standard gauge trains, The Postwar era after WWII which includes Postwar O Gauge and Postwar S Gauge. HO trains from this time frame are typically referred to as "vintage". Then the O Gauge MPC era begins when Lionel was sold to General Mills in 1969 and ended when Dick Kughn bought Lionel in 1986, then the modern era began.

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