In 1935 the Germany company Trix began producing its electrically powered model trains under the Trix Express label. The company was also able to develop a system called ‘Trix Twin' where two trains could run on the same track simultaneously under independent control, one collecting current from the left rail and center, the other from the right and center. Because of the stiff competition Trix experienced in the 1950’s, the brand was taken over several times becoming Trix Twin Railways, Trix Trains, British Trix and finally merging with Liliput. In the late 1960's, N gauge models under the Minitrix brand were introduced by the company. In the early 1980’s, Mangold, became the owner of Trix but they ended up in bankruptcy. Then Marklin purchased the company in 1997 to serve the HO 2-Rail DC market with Trix and the N Scale market with the Minitrix brand.

Today, Trix is a brand sought after by model railroaders and collectors alike, and Trainz has an wide array of new and vintage Trix and Minitrix products to choose from.

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