About Us

Trainz was born in 1975, in the garage at Scott’s parents’ house. A junior in high school, Scott bought the Lionel Service Station inventory of Toledo’s “Harry Train” for $2,000 and set up shop as The S&G Electric Train and Appliance Service. What is Trainz today? Over fifty full and part-time employees are the heart and soul of the company, with decades of combined model train experience. Working out of a twenty thousand square foot facility in Buford, Georgia, Trainz leverages technology to succeed in a way other hobby stores, and even larger companies, just can’t match. 


Trainz buys collections and does all the grunt work - box matching, cleaning and repairing, taking photographs, and writing up the locomotives, rolling stock, and other pieces bought from collectors downsizing, changing scales, or leaving the hobby. We have decades of pricing history to rely on with an immense in-house database of transactions few could match. While twenty-five percent of sales comes from new merchandise, it is the collectible train market where Trainz excels. We are not a company a mile wide and an inch deep - many of our employees are collectors as well, each with their own area of expertise, allowing Trainz to have a specialist’s knowledge with a generalist’s broad range. 


From the little garage-based S&G Electric Train and Appliance Service of its youth, Trainz has grown into an ecommerce company making over $10 million in sales each year. We have the knowledge and experience to maximize profit for collectors selling to us, and the honesty and integrity to make sure our buyers know exactly what they will receive when they open that cardboard shipping box.