Trainz Rewards







The Trainz Rewards program is our way of showing gratitude to our customers shopping on Once you sign up created an account by clicking on the Sign up and earn! button on any page, every purchase on earns points that can then be redeemed for discounts on future website orders.


Earning Points
You’ll earn one point for every dollar you spend, excluding tax and shipping charges. Your points will never expire - use them to generate a discount code for your next order or keep saving for a bigger discount later.


Redeeming Points
You can redeem Trainz Reward points at the rate of 100 points for a $1.00 discount on your order. For example, if you have 1701 points, this could be redeemed for a $17.01 discount on any order.


There are lots of ways to earn!

  • Shop on You earn one point per dollar spent at, excluding sales tax and shipping charges.
  • Birthday! You earn 50 points for your birthday each year. 
  • Share: Share us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter and get 25 points per platform.
  • Bonus Points: When you have earned sufficient points for an earnings tier, you automatically earn bonus points you can spend on discounts on Trainz products.
  • Purchase a Premium Membership and earn two or even three points per dollar spent on


Can I earn points on other sites?
Trainz Rewards points can only be earned when shopping on Purchases on our eBay Store or other marketplaces will not earn you points on your account.


Rewards Tiers
When you’ve earned the required points, you’ll enter a new rewards tier and receive bonus points for your account. Take a look at the table below for each tier’s rewards.

Lifetime Points Requirement Earnings Badge Bonus Points
500 points Bronze 300 points
2,000 points Silver 750 points
5,000 points Gold 2,500 points
20,000 points Platinum 12,500 points
100,000 points Diamond 25,000 points



Start over each year? Nope!
Rather than reset each year, our earning tiers are based on cumulative lifetime points earned. Once you have hit an earning tier, it's yours to keep - until you reach the next tier!


Looking for something more exclusive?

Intended for the serious collector, Trainz Premium Memberships provide accelerated points earning and exclusive benefits as follows:

Benefit First Class Private Car
Earn 2 points per $ spent on
Extended 60 day return window
Earn 3 points per $ spent on
Extended 30 day customer pickup window
No-questions-asked returns
Exclusive 7-Day Preview Window


Before signing up for a Premium Membership, you must first create a Trainz Rewards account. Simply click on the "Sign up and Earn Points" button found on the bottom right of any page to begin.

Already have your free Trainz Rewards account?
To sign up for the First Class Premium Membership, click here.
To sign up for the Private Car Premium Membership, click here.


Okay, I'm interested
Step one: Create your free Trainz Rewards account to earn and track  your points.

Step two: Choose your level! Our Premium Memberships are available at two levels, with a monthly payment option and a discounted yearly rate.

Level Per month Per year
First Class $5.95 $59.95
Private Car $10.95 $109.95



What happens if I buy a Premium Membership without making a free Trainz Rewards account first? 
Our Trainz Rewards program relies on the free account to function. You must sign up for a free account first, by clicking on the "Sign up and earn points!" red button found on the bottom right of any page. It's how we know to give you points for your purchases, and how you create discount codes to use on your next shopping trip. 

If you purchase a Premium Membership without signing up for a free account first, you won't receive points for any purchases, and you won't be able to create a discount code. You will still be entitled to the additional benefits depending on your Premium Membership level, such as the extended return window, extended pickup window, and no-questions-asked returns. 


Extended Return Window
First Class and Private Car members gain access to an extended 60 day return window, double our standard 30 day return window. This gives you twice as long to make a return should you need to.


Extended Pickup Window
Don’t want to subject your new purchase to the jolts and shakes of shipping? While we do box our trains as best as we can to keep your new purchase safe, some customers choose to pick up their items directly from our headquarters in Buford, Georgia (subject to current operating conditions). Regular customers are required to pick up their orders within 14 days, but Private Car members unlock an extended 30 day customer pickup window.


No Questions Asked Returns
Trainz wants you to be happy with your purchase. If it’s damaged in shipping or isn’t how we described it, contact our customer service team and we’ll do what we can to make it right. If the return is due to a mistake on your part you may be required to pay a restocking fee. 

If you’re a Private Car member you are entitled to return items based on our ‘no-questions-asked’ policy. Private Car members will never be charged a restocking fee or return shipping when they choose to make a return.


Exclusive Seven Day Preview Window
One of our most sought-after benefits, with the Private Car membership you’ll receive a special preview of all previously-owned Collectible inventory listed on

Collectibles will be viewable by all customers, but for the first seven days that they are listed, only logged-in Private Car members will be able to purchase them.  This gives our Private Car members an opportunity to purchase our rarest and most exclusive collectible trains prior to non-members having this opportunity.