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The United States Air Force B-52 bombers are climbing to a higher flight level to fly over the advancing thunderstorm. The venerable B-52 has been in the arsenal of the U.S. Air Force for well over half of a century. It is the most powerful and lethal aspects of the airborne triad. The remaining 2/3 of the triad are land based Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles and nuclear submarine based Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles. The B-52 G model depicted here is fully loaded with Boeing Cruise launch missiles under each wing. Each aircraft also has updated T-33 high bypass turbofan engines to propel the massive airborne 'flying platform'. These aircrafts were most recently used in the massive bombing campaign several years ago in Afghanistan against the Taliban Regime. Robert has always been impressed with this wonderful aircraft for several important reasons. Most importantly because he was born in Great Falls, Montana on Malmstrom Air Force Base. This was a major Strategic Air Command Base that the artist's father, then a staff-agent, was stationed on. They lived in base housing, which was located near the end of the runway. Robert can remember, very vividly, watching the Base Commander standing at the end of the runway, stopwatch in hand, timing the complete wing of the 20 or so B-52's as they practiced take-offs and landings. This practice improved their capabilities in the event they were scrambled, as usually was the case, for an international emergency. Robert grew up with the indelible impression of the Strategic Air Command (SAC) logo. This was a steel hand clasping a bolt of lightning. This is also why West used the image of lightning in this spectacular view. The second reason for Robert West's interest in addition to being an Air Force Brat was that he was also a combat-air traffic controller in the Air Force during the Vietnam-Era. He served most of his tenure as an instructor-support, teaching advanced air to air intercept tactics as well as aerial-refueling. This required a U.S. government top-secret clearance. Robert had access to advanced deployment capabilities of all U.S. top-line fighter interceptor aircraft in our arsenal. Thus, Robert claims this print is a tribute to both of the his parents. Robert notes, 'Mom was the perfect Air Force wife, but in particular to my father, Retired USAF Sgt. Soloman West, who served his country for 21 years. I am very proud to be his youngest son and thank him from instilling in me, the great values he inherited from his mother. Thank you, Dad!' As a final note; the title, 'BUFF at Angels 32'. The B-52 was affectionately called a Big-Ugly-Fat-Fellow, among other names. Angels-32 is air traffic controller terminology for 'flight-level 320' or 32,000 feet in altitude!   Artist: Robert West
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