JT's Mega Steam 107 Unscented Smoke Fluid - 2 oz. Bottle

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This is JTM 107 Unscented Smoke Fluid/2oz. Mega-Steam Smoke Fluid NADA (Unscented) 2oz bottle. 99% scent free for those with a preference for no scent. Works great with most smoke units MTH, Lionel, Williams, K-Line, etc. Proudly Manufactured in the U.S.A.

JT's MEGA-STEAM Smoke FluidTM!!!! Thick, dense smoke output yet it dissipates quickly, leaving little or no train room fog hanging in the air. NON-TOXIC. Comes in 2oz bottles with pin-point end glass droppers for accurate filling. All of our smoke fluids are scented just right, not too heavy, not too light***. Petroleum-based formula. Smoke itself is non-toxic… though I wouldn’t suggest drinking it. Works great with most smoke units and Scales for Z to G

***Scent and smoke may have a short “break-in” period and will become more pronounced as previously used smoke fluid runs out. Depending on the scent, it could take anywhere from 4 - 8 fillings. Do not use smoke units around people or children with asthma or other respiratory sensitivities.

Safety Tips
The following goes for ALL smoke fluids, not just Mega-Steam. Remember these when running the smoke units in your locos and accessories.
• Have some kind of ventilation for your train room.
• The general rule: if you can't see through the smoke in the room, there's too much.
• Be careful filling your smoke units as per their instructions, NEVER overfill!!!
• Store smoke fluid bottles in their upright position.
• Although most fluids are non-toxic, it's not the best thing to ingest. DON'T DRINK IT!!!
• Although the fluid may smell tasty, it's not. DON'T DRINK IT!!!
• The above especially goes for the food & sweet scented fluids.
• Do not use smoke units around people or children w/ asthma or other respiritory sensitivites.
• Keep any smoke fluid away from children.

Condition: Factory New
Operational Status: Functional
Original Box: Yes

Manufacturer: JT's Mega Steam
Model Number: 107
MSRP: $7.50

Category 1: Maintenance & Supplies
Category 2: Smoke Fluid

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