Robert West 443 Southern 'The Classics' Railroad Art Print - Artist Proof

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As Robert West was growing up, he was fortunate to have seen a lot of the United States! He had almost a front row seat in the back of a station-wagon. His Dad, as noted in earlier manuscripts, was an Air Force career man. Because he was in the Strategic Air Command, he was given new assignments quite often. This afforded Robert the tremendous opportunity of seeing a whole lot of the country via the U.S. Routes 66, A1A, and many, many more! Before the interstate system was built, most major highways ran parallel to major railroad mainlines! This afforded the opportunity for many railroad enthusiasts including this young and impressionable kid, to view up close and personal, the operations of mainline Steam and Diesel of most major railroad companies in service within the United States during the mid-50’s, 60’s, and 70’s. Before Amtrak, remote-control locomotives, frequency-rear-end-protection devices (FREDS), generic-looking signals, and standard-looking freight trains, there was variety and lots of it! Why, what was a railroad mainline without telegraph and telephone lines? Well The Classics portrays the full embodiment of what we're talking about! Being a railroad artist affords Robert the unique opportunity of going back in time via his studio. This painting reflects a piece of Americana as well as a piece of Robert's life growing up during a kinder and gentler America. A classic Lincoln automobile tries to keep up pace with a very fast moving, northbound passenger train. The setting is in Tennessee during the early fifties. One can see just above the rooftops of the train, a distant plume of smoke indicating that the hogger is really pouring it on! The driver, in his fascination of this poetry-in motion, momentarily crosses the yellow line on U.S. 41 and admires the classic lines of this heavyweight, all-Pullman passenger train! He ponders for a moment whether or not this is the Dixie Flyer, the Ponce DeLeon, or perhaps even the Georgian? A ray of sunlight bursts through the clouds to illuminate this magic moment! Both the train and the car create a wash in their respective wakes as the travel towards a similar destination, both in place and in essence. Two classic, first-class conveyances, traveling side-by-side, moment-by moment, all frozen in time by both the imagination, paintbrushes, and the memory of the artist! This print is dedicated to the artist's father, Sgt. Solomon West retired U.S.A.F. He, like fine wine, a Lincoln, and a first-class all Pullman, passenger train, are indeed The Classics.

Artist: Robert West
Print Type: Artist Proof
Copyright: Robert West 2008Print Size: 20-1/4 x 14-1/2
Image Size: 18-3/4 x 12-1/2

Condition: Factory New
Operational Status: Functional
Original Box: Yes

Manufacturer: Robert West
Model Number: 443
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Category 1: Artwork
Category 2: Robert West

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