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Three Super Easy Steps To Get Started!

1. Make A Train List!

Our process starts with a list of the items you would like to sell. If you don't have a list or can't make a list, call or email us and we'll try our best to help.

For large collections we can work with you to make arrangements without a list.

Need a template for your list? Download ours in Excel or PDF format!

2. Submit Your Train List!

Send us your list and we'll get started right away!

E-mail your list to

Fax your list to 866.935.9504.

Mail your list to - 2740 Faith Industrial Drive - Buford, GA 30518

3. Sell Your Trains!

That's it. We'll do the work from there.

With a good inventory list we probably have all we need. We'll ask a few questions about you and your collection along the way to help us determine what options are best for you.

For large collections we may want to come take a look, but that step usually isn't necessary.

We Have Options To Fit Your Individual Needs!

Get A Fast And Fair Offer To Purchase Your Train Collection Outright...

We'll review your list to see if we're interested (if your collection is mostly low value items and our total offer would be less than $500 we may not be). We'll usually notify you within 1 to 2 business days if we are (or are not) interested in purchasing you collection.

If we're interested we'll spend a few days valuing your collection based on our own sales history and other pricing sources. If we have questions about an item we'll contact you for more information. Once we have an offer we'll call or e-mail you to fill you in on all the details.

Read on for some of the common questions we receive.

Let Us Sell Your Train Collection Through Our On-Line Auction Site...

We offer competitive commission rates as low as 15% for our on-line auction service.

We'll review your list and provide you with an estimated value for what we expect your collection to sell for at our on-line auctions. We're the only company around that will provide estimates for auction sales. The time we spend doing price research helps us set starting values for each of your items, maximizing the final sale price.

Your first item will generally list to auction within 10 business days of receiving your collection, the time to process your entire collection will depend on the number of items. You'll receive payments for your items every 30 days as they're won and paid for. If an item doesn't sell we'll re-list it with a slightly lower starting price to bring in the bids.

We Are The Place To Help You Sell Your Trains!

Frequently Asked Questions About Selling Your Train Collection...

  • How do you determine the value of my collection?
    • We typically pay 50% to 60% of the current market value. We base market value upon our sales history and other sales records. We do not use price guides in the course of valuing collections.
  • How do I get my collection to you?
    • We'll provide pre-paid FedEx labels so you can send your collection to our warehouse.
    • We can arrange to pick up medium to large sized collections. We're typically on the road at least once a month and are never more than a few months away from your area.
  • What if I can't complete an inventory list?
    • We can help with one of the following options...
      • For large collections we can arrange to perform an inventory for you at your location. We charge a reasonable fee to cover our travel and time. If you later decide to sell your collection to us, we'll refund that fee.
      • You can ship the items to us at our own expense and we can perform an inventory at our warehouse. If we can't make a deal you'll also be responsible for the cost of return shipping to your location.
      • We can sell your train collection through our on-line auction site without an inventory list.
  • If we agree on a purchase price how am I paid?
    • Purchase agreements are negotiated for large collections on a case-by-case basis.
    • Smaller collections are paid for after they have been inventoried at our warehouse. We inventory collections as they are processed which typically takes 4 to 6 weeks.
  • Why should I sell my train collection instead of just having you auction it?
    • Why you're selling your train collection has a huge impact on how you should sell it. If you're looking for a quick way out, with quick money, and are less concerned about squeezing every penny out of your train collection, our purchase option may be right for you.
    • If you don't have a good inventory of your collection and can't provide one, or fast money is less of a priority than maximizing your returns, then letting us auction your collection may be the best option. Typically an auction can result in 10% to 15% more than our flat offer.
    • We're here to help, and we'll gladly talk you through the process of making the right decision for your needs and goals.
  • What makes Trainz Auctions better?
    • Our gauge specific auctions provide a narrower focus for our buyers. Combined with our regular auction schedule we only ask for an hour of the bidders time. Bidding doesn't become a week long investment.
    • Buyers are never outbid in the final seconds of an auction. Last second bids (often called sniping) are great for snipers, but ruin the auction experience for everyone else. When someone bids within the final seconds of an auction we automatically extend the auction to give the original bidder a chance to increase their bid.
    • Prices are protected by starting items at around 75% of the price we expect to realize based on our sales history.
    • Our buyers receive reasonable combined shipping rates, in return our buyers buy more items per order.
    • Our auctions are advertised on,, the Google Ad Network, Classic Toy Trains, OGR, Garden Railways, Yahoo, Bing, and through affiliate partners on hundreds of other websites.
    • Targeted e-mail notifications are sent to over 60,000 potential bidders every week.
    • partners with MTH and the Train Collector's Association, adding even more visibility to our auctions.
    • works hard to provide a simple buying experience, without the complexity and rules of some other auction sites.
    • We begin processing your collection within a few business days of receiving it, and generally list your first items within ten business days.
    • From the time an item from your collection sells to the time you have money in your hand is typically one month. Many others take several months to process your first item.
  • What manufacturers do you buy and sell?
    • We've bought and sold toy and model trains by almost every manufacturer at some point in time. Contacting us or submitting a list is the best way to find out what we're interested in right now.
    • Just to name a few... Lionel, MTH, K-Line, LGB, Marklin, AF, Atlas, Weaver, Williams, Aristo-Craft, Bachmann, Marx, USA Trains, Athearn, Walthers, Plasticville, Life Like, Kato, Woodland Scenics, Industrial Rail, Roco, Pola, Rivarossi, Model Power, Proto 2000, KMT, Gargraves, Roundhouse, MicroTrains, MRC, 3rd Rail, Con-Cor, IHC, AHM, S-Helper, American Models, Fleischmann, Spectrum, Delton, Crown, InterMountain, McCoy, Mantua, Ives, Tyco, RMT, Overland, Lima, Piko, Pride Lines, and many many more!