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We’re back with round two of the Quick Hits for 2024, and as always, I’ve got a great slate of goodies ready for the showcase. This week’s selections feature some Post-War gems you won’t want to miss, and a steam locomotive in contention for the best G-Scale engine of the new year (a contest I just made up in my own head). So set down that last bit of track, and make sure your crossing gate is operational because the Quick Hits are rolling through!

LGB 2080D G Scale 2-6-2T Steam Locomotive

Kicking things off is an engine I call the “Little Beast” – though it’s anything but little. This 2080D G-Scale 2-6-2T steam locomotive is a battle tested (no seriously, it was in WWI) workhorse that made its way through the trenches of the first World War, helping the allies secure victory in the early 20th century. American and British soldiers needed a ‘ready for anything’ engine, and Baldwin answered the call with a giant order of these durable steam engines – producing nearly 200 models during the second half of the war. 

This G-Scale steam locomotive boasts the traditional black scheme throughout the shell that’s less muted thanks to the addition of some very bright red on the chassis. If your layout is a little more peaceful than the trenches of WWI battlegrounds, then rejoice in the fact that the 2-6-2 was a versatile engine capable of way more than just hauling ammunition and war-time resources. When they weren’t being commissioned for the battlefield, the 2-6-2 saw success hauling both freight and passengers on various railroad networks throughout the world.

Dubbed the “Prairie” in the United States, the 2-6-2 has seen iterations produced for just about every scale from Z to the G-Scale giant you see pictured above. It’s a durable model, capable of handling the burdens that come with running on layouts that are in the backyard as opposed to being inside the house. Packed with smoke, lights, and a great motor, this is certainly a solid frontrunner for anybody looking to dabble in the fun of G-Scale trains. I’ve got a listing for a ‘like-new’ model here, and a bunch more G-Scale locomotives back home at Trainz.com.

Product Info:

Manufacturer: LGB

Model Number: 2080D

Road Name: Deutsche Reichsbahn (DR)

Scale/Era: G Scale

Model Type: Steam Loco

American Flyer 6-44115 S B&M GP7 Diesel Locomotive #1567

Following up G-Scale locomotives is never an easy task, but I think I have an engine that just might be up to it. With S-Scale locomotives back on the rise in popularity, I’ve decided to bring another great piece revived by new millennium American Flyer production. This B&M GP7 certainly isn’t a slouch, boasting a slew of neat operational features that make it a worthy follow-up to any engine. 

My favorite feature we’ll go over first is the addition of FlyChief control systems packed with Bluetooth. This diesel engine has dual capabilities being able to function on conventional AC and DC thanks to the help of the wireless remote included. The added features of the remote gives you complete dynamic control and ensures your locomotive has zero issues handling even the tightest curves. Go ahead and challenge it yourself, I think you’ll be more than impressed.

Additional features like RailSounds RC, steam chuffing, and user activated announcements are just a few more added functions that make this operating experience one like you’ve never seen on S-Scale layouts. I had tons of S-Scale trains to choose from, but the allure of red/yellow paint finish coupled with tons of bells and whistles was just too great to pass up on. Take a closer look at this GP7 here, and stop by our S-Scale catalog for plenty more S-Scale trains! 

Product Info:

Manufacturer: American Flyer

Model Number: 6-44115

Road Name: Boston & Maine (BM)

Scale/Era: S Modern

Model Type: Diesel Loco

Lionel 6464-325 Vintage O B&O Sentinel Boxcar- Type IIB -Multiple Tack

I had to include this gem from one of the most famous model train eras. While scouring the many Post-War shelves we have here at home base, I jumped out of my socks when I saw this vintage boxcar stowed away in a spot our shipping manager reserves for delicate and super rare items. Do you recognize it? It’s Lionel’s 6464-325 B&O Sentinel boxcar!

This very rare boxcar is especially hard to find considering they were only in production for just one year all the way back in 1956 - of all of the vintage 6464 boxcars, the B&O Sentinel is hands down the hardest car to find from the 6464 series. It’s also the sleekest car in the lot too, showing off a clean silver finish with just a touch of cool blue to make it that much easier on the eyes. 

Being a Post-War boxcar is a tough life, with most of the cars from the era seeing plenty of run time in their heyday – this one is a survivor! With the numbers dwindling as the years go on, I couldn’t help myself and had to showcase this near 70 year old icon. A boxcar an icon? Yeah, such a title is usually reserved for engines like the 763E steam engine, but this boxcar fights its way right to the top amongst some of the big boys in the model train world. Have a look at this living legend here, and if you’re needing more 6464 boxcars, I’ve got you covered on our website, Trainz.com. The fun doesn’t stop there, Trainz.com is the biggest supplier of vintage Lionel boxcars out there, so be sure to look at the complete inventory when you get the chance. 

Product Info:

Manufacturer: Lionel

Model Number: 6464-325

Years Manufactured: 1956 - 1956

Road Name: Baltimore & Ohio (B&O)

Scale/Era: O Postwar

Model Type: Freight Cars

Dwarvin DVIRRXK201 N Railroad Crossing Kit using Lamplighter DFL w/ Power Supply

The accessory pick is here, and cue the drumroll because I’ve got a heck of a deal coming your way. The Dwarvin DV1RRXK201 crossing kit is here, and it’s ready to show you why Dwarvin is the future of model train layout design. This simple to set up kit is everything you need to effortlessly turn your layout from a simple display to a dynamic life-like experience like you’ve never seen before. 

This kit includes:

  • Lamplighter DFL
  • 2 - Railroad Crossings
  • 2-Side-On Detectors
  • Crossing Bell
  • Power Supply

The best part? There’s no wiring necessary at all. That’s right, no more intricate soldering, no more nails running throughout your layout, and best of all it’s easy to disassemble if you’re ever wanting to make changes to your layout design. It’s perfect for a model train enthusiast like myself who does not have a steady hand whatsoever. Just take a look at the full list of benefits listed below.

  • No wiring needed!
  • Add light to structures in a matter of seconds.
  • Cost effective when compared with other commercial systems.
  • No heat is dissipated in or near the buildings being illuminated.
  • Lighting effects are limited only by your imagination

It’s no wonder why the fiber optics industry has taken the world by storm, and it makes sense it found its way into our hobby as well. I’ve got a listing for the kit here, and a full breakdown of it and various other Dwarvin lighting products to go along with that as well. 

Product Info:

Manufacturer: Dwarvin

Model Number: DVIRRXK201

Scale/Era: N Scale

Model Type: Accessories

Bachmann 60337 HO Western Maryland EMD GP40 Diesel Locomotive w/DCC #3798

Well, if you managed to stick around, you know we’ve gotten to my favorite part of the Quick Hits line-up – the heralded budget pick! That’s right, we’re giving as much bang for your buck as possible, and I think you HO lovers are going to like this one. HO Bachmann trains are a great choice, but they’re even better when you can get them for under a hundred bucks. This HO Western Maryland EMD GP40 diesel locomotive was way too enticing to pass up on, so I decided it’d round off our features for the week. 

The color is the first thing I loved, blending a red base with a wonderful touch of white, black, and yellow throughout the shell. This ready to run DCC locomotive comes with a 28 speed step decoder and is even compatible with DC layouts. Packed with the ever reliable E-Z Command Digital Control System, making the operating experience a breeze with this HO-Scale train. The 5-pole skew wound motor also comes in handy if you’re needing to haul more than just a couple of freight cars too - no joke, the pulling power is out of this world! The best part is that you can add this HO diesel locomotive to your collection without breaking the bank.

I’ve got a listing with all of the features right here for you. And if you need more HO rolling stock or maybe a second HO train for the layout – I’ve got plenty more for you coming up under the $100 mark on our website

Product Info:

Manufacturer: Bachmann

Model Number: 60337

Road Name: Western Maryland (WM)

Scale/Era: HO Scale

Model Type: Diesel Loco

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