LGB Trains

Welcome to Trainz, the leading provider for the model train hobbyist community. We love LGB Trains and try to keep a great variety of LGB in-stock through the year.

LGB means "Lehmann Gross Bahn" which translated to English is "Lehman's Big Train". Lehman was founded in 1881 and has been a great German toy maker ever since. Lehman brought us LGB trains in 1968. You will see the old gray boxed items, then the yellow boxes, then the matte red boxes and not today's nice glossy red boxes offered for sale by Trainz.

LGB's trains are 1:22.5 scale, but a lot of liberty is taken, especially with the started sets to make the rolling stock small enough to be able to operate on the 4' diameter curves that come with the sets.

LGB trains are a favorite for outdoor garden railways due to their nice size and they are built with plastic, brass, and stainless steel to make them virtually weatherproof.  

If you want to check out other G scale brands as well, feel free to head to our entire G scale model train collection.


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