Atlas Trains

Founder Steven Schaffan Jr. started working with his father in a general machine shop in a small garage in New Jersey. He was sixteen years old. At the time, he built model airplanes and visited local hobby shops often. He started working on model railroad track parts to see if he could make any extra money.

He ended up inventing the first workable rail joiners, pre-assembled turnouts and flexible track. Steve and his father opened their first factory in 1947 making and selling track related products. He created Super-Flex, Snap-Switches, Custom-line turnouts and more.

Atlas now offers products for almost everything you need for your model railroad across many popular scales. Track being the staple, Atlas also offers a huge selection of locomotives, rolling stock, buildings, accessories and parts. They even offer many books on layout construction and modeling techniques. From Atlas rail joiners to locomotives, you can find it here at Trainz!

If you want to check out other brands as well, feel free to head to our entire model train collection.

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