Dwarvin - Integrated Railroad Crossing System Products

 This item collection has everything you need to create your Dwarvin Integrated Railroad Crossing System.

This system is available in HO, O, and N Scales. 
Items for this system can be purchased as a kit or indiviually

This product system provides all that you need to integrate 2 Railroad Crossings together with 2 side-on Detectors and 1 crossing bell all controlled by the Lamplighter DFL unit.  

The Detectors are of the pulsed infrared kind so they are insensitive to the ambient lighting.  They stay on as long as they "see" an object.  The DFL unit in turn turns off 5 seconds after all detectors return to their waiting state.

There is absolutely no programming nor soldering required.  The 3 wires from the detectors and crossing bell are attached to the control unit using screws built into the control unit.  It couldn't be easier.

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