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Hello, and welcome back to another round of my weekly Quick Hits. We’ve had tons of goodies come in from all over the country, and I couldn’t be more excited to share. This week’s features are highlighted by an awesome N-Scale locomotive, and a super collectible Fine Arts model that you certainly won’t want to miss. Have those boarding passes ready because the Quick Hits express is almost ready to take off!

Atlas 48728 N Scale BC Rail Dash 8-40B Diesel Locomotive #3905

Let’s get this show on the road with a small thing that comes in a big package! Though N-Scale trains might lack a little bit in size, they certainly make up for it with the hours of fun they provide rounding our layouts. This time around I’m featuring a Dash 8 40-B diesel engine sporting the BC Rail road name – one some of us raised in the States might not recognize at first glance. 

Still trying to figure out what company this is? No worries, it’s the British Columbia Railway located within the borders of our great neighbors to the north, Canada. Founded in 1912, the BC Railway has enjoyed over a century of service covering a decent 500 mile stretch from Prince George to Northern Vancouver. During this time, they’ve grown to massive heights becoming one of Canada’s top five railroad networks thanks to reliable service and excellent choice of commissioned locomotives. 

I wasn’t really familiar with BC Railways myself when I first saw this Atlas N-Scale diesel locomotive, so the company alone was enough to grab my attention. But, before anything else it was the color scheme that jumped out at me and shouted “pick me!” A cool blue base accented by a silver chassis makes for some great eye candy. Want some design tips with this one? If you’re running snow on your layout, this diesel engine is going to mesh beautifully with the white backdrop. If you want to take a closer look at one of Canada’s finest, I’ve got your link right here. Need some more high quality N-Scale trains for your collection? Don’t sweat it, because our inventory is massive at Trainz.com. 

Product Info:

Manufacturer: Atlas

Model Number: 48728

Road Name: British Columbia Railway (BCIT/BCOL)

Scale/Era: N Scale

Model Type: Diesel Loco

American Z-Line 63501-5 Z Scale Amtrak GE P42 Genesis Diesel Locomotive #104

Staying on the smaller side of the model train scale spectrum, I’ve decided to give all of you running Z-Scale locomotives a chance to add some passenger service to your layouts. If you’ve been running Z-Scale for a while, chances are you’ve come across some American Z-Line trains. The company has firmly established itself as a top producer of high quality Z-Scale trains, and rarely misses with their diesel engines. 

I love the idea of a silver micro-sized Amtrak diesel engine rounding curves and making stops at one of Amtrak’s many (over 500) stations ready to pick up the next passenger. Traversing over 21,000 miles isn’t an easy task, but Amtrak finds a way to do it with their massive fleet of passenger hauling diesel locomotives. And don’t let the size fool you, this Z-Scale powerhouse might be small, but its pulling capabilities are top-notch, so you’re never off schedule for your next destination. 

If you want a closer look (I needed one thanks to these darned eyes of mine) I’ve got a link for you right here. And no need to worry, I’ve got everything you need for more Z-Scale fun back at headquarters. 

Product Info:

Manufacturer: American Z-Line

Model Number: 63501-5

Road Name: Amtrak (AMTK/AMT)

Scale/Era: Z Scale

Model Type: Diesel Loco

Fine Art Models 1:32 Scale BRASS John Bull Steam Locomotive & Tender

Ok, halfway into the showcase, I've decided to deviate from the norm and just had to talk about this absolute gem from Fine Arts Models. The 1:32 scale John Bull Steam locomotive isn’t just one of the best Fine Arts Models trains that I’ve ever seen, but actually ranks amongst some of the most high quality model trains across the board. This is definitely not your beginner piece, and is often reserved for display on mantles as the ‘creme de la creme’ of a collector’s inventory. 

Fine Arts Models does not take their manufacturing lightly, and is one of the best modern brass manufacturers in the model train community. Their incredible design accompanied by their precision construction is second to none, and makes for one of the most realistic model trains you’ll ever see. They typically tend to stick to more historically significant pieces, and the John Bull is no exception here. 

For those of you who may not be familiar with the John Bull steam locomotive, it’s America’s oldest surviving steam engine, and can be observed at the Smithsonian museum in Washington D.C. This model was originally built in 1996 and released in 1998, so you can imagine my excitement when we got one in MINT condition! I don’t have a picture of the unboxed product to share – mostly because if anything went wrong with this unboxing, my boss Cindy, and Trainz owner Scott Griggs would probably be having a bit of a chat with me. So to be safe, I’ve posted a picture of a smaller HO-Scale John Bull below for visual reference. 

We’ve got tons of brass trains in our inventory, but I won’t lie - the Fine Arts John Bull is seated in a special class of its own. I’ve got the listing with all of the specs right here for you. While you’re there, don’t forget to stop by our website and have a look at the largest inventory of brass trains in the world. 



Product Info:

Manufacturer: Fine Art Models

Scale/Era: G Scale

Model Type: Steam Loco

Piko 62702 G Scale North Pole Water Tower

I know the holidays are over, but who can’t resist a great color wave on a staple layout accessory? I’d say the vast majority of layouts I’ve come across during my trips around the country have usually included a water tower or two. I totally get it, they’re fun, some have neat animations, and go a long way in adding realism to layouts. 

But when you add a unique color scheme to something, you're certainly bound to get my attention. Piko has done just that – breaking from the standard brown and orange designs we see these towers typically come in was a cracker jack idea! The red tank, green stand, and icicles hanging down from the base of the tank are perfect for winter themed layouts. It’s certainly worth taking a look at, so I’m throwing the link at you here. If you’re hunting for more G-Scale accessories, I’ve got plenty more on the website for you to check out!

Product Info:

Manufacturer: Piko

Model Number: 62702

Scale/Era: G Scale

Model Type: Accessories

Blackstone Models B340201 HOn3 Scale D&RGW 30 Ft. Stock Car #5508

Ok, narrow gauge runners, some of you have emailed me directly and asked for some HOn3 products to include in the showcase, and being a man of the people – I’ve done just that! While not easy to come by for under a hundred bucks, I’ve managed to rustle up some solid narrow gauge rolling stock for you! Blackstone Models have always been able to produce high quality narrow gauge freight cars, and this 30ft stock car is a prime example of that. 

I’m hoping I don’t disappoint, and I’m sure y’all will love it. It’s a standard stock car that blends into any fleet, and is ready to roll immediately upon unboxing. Check the link out here, and don’t forget to pop over to Trainz.com for more narrow gauge locomotives and rolling stock!

Product Info:

Manufacturer: Blackstone Models

Model Number: B340201

Road Name: Denver & Rio Grande Western (DRGW)

Model Type: HOn3

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