American Models

American Models has many options that will meet any of your S scale needs. Deluxe and standard series Locomotives, ready to run freight cars, passenger cars, and parts. American Models believe S Scale is the best scale!

American Models specialize in authentic ready to run S gauge products. It is a true story of entrepreneurship. By 1975 S scale had almost gone extinct. American Models founder, Ron, realized there were still many modelers still working with this scale. Ron was very disappointed in the quality of items available, the length of time it took to get said items, and lack of options for ready to run items. He decided he could do it better, and that’s what he did. He worked with tool and tie makers and even made his own molds in their shops. He started to become well known in the S scale community and continued to manufacture other needed items as they encouraged him. American Models became a "go-to" for S scale modelers. With great sadness, Ron passed away December 4th, 2021. A famous quote “We believe “S” is the perfect size and will make no other.”

If you want to check out other S scale brands as well, feel free to head to our entire S gauge model trains collection.

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