AMT, Aluminum Model Toys, specializes in plastic model car and truck kits. Founded in 1948 by West Gallogly, it became known for manufacturing 1/25 scale plastic automobile dealer promotional model cars and friction motor models. Gallogly had connections with Ford Motor Company and was able to place his models exclusively in Ford dealerships which started a long promotional relationship. The aluminum was abandoned in 1949 when injection plastic molding became available. This allowed for many different colors resulting in the company name changing over to AHM. In the mid 50’s AHM was the most successful company to mold accurate plastic models in the 1:25 scale and sell them to auto manufacturer dealerships.

AHM also developed the 3-in-1 model kit buildable in stock, custom, or hot-rod versions. In 1966 a deal was made to produce a line of Star Trek models. They are also known for producing movie and TV vehicles.

The AMT brand was bought in 1978 by the Lesney Company, then by Ertl in 1983, and again in 2012 by Round 2.

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