Details West

Bob Wiegner and Leo Munson established Details West in 1974. They were always trying to perfect the detail of their models by scratch-building the parts that were not available, and they founded Details West when they realized that fellow modelers were willing to pay for their expertise and eye for detail. The partnership was perfect because Bob did much of the scratch-building while Leo did all of the artwork. They began manufacturing parts with a white metal casting machine out on the patio and a spare bedroom used as a warehouse. Although Leo ventured out to other endeavors, often be consulted on special artwork projects. In 1978, Bob went solo. By 1980, Details West had over 100 different detail parts available for discerning modelers.  

Today, Details West is owned by Paul Federiconi, and the company offers over 250 HO-scale items, as well as precision castings for diesels of all types, and trackside parts. Trainz proudly carries Details West products.  

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