Dwarvin Integrated Block Signal Detection System Products

These are the available kits and components for the Dwarvin Integrated Block Detection System

This product system allows you to integrate 2 Dwarf Block Signals together with 2 side-on Detectors all controlled by the Lamplighter DFL unit. 

This system is for HO and N Scales

There is absolutely no programming nor soldering required.  The 3 wires from the detectors are attached to the control unit using screws built into the control unit.  It couldn't be easier.

The fibers are inserted into two "chimneys".  Each can hold either a 1.0mm fiber or a 0.75mm fiber.  The HO Dwarf Signal uses a 1mm fiber.

Whether you want a power supply (9V) (extra cost) or not (in which case you can use your DC bus from your layout which must be >7V with center positive wiring into the power jack connector provided in the kit) and you are done.

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