Louis Marx founded Marx Trains. Back in the 1930’s, electric trains were toys. The original Marx trains were electric trains at a low cost. Built to last, these trains were made from stamped metal and tin lithograph. Their affordability was a major part of their success. Louis Marx was always trying to improve his toys while cutting costs. The Marx motor contributed to this. It was an open-frame motor and was standardized for all of the company’s trains, not to mention it’s one of the most reliable ever made.

In the late 30’s Marx began making a train for O gauge and produced a diecast locomotive, the 999, which was the first of many highly detailed realistic train models. After WWII, Marx continued developing it’s scale line, and also stared producing plastic models. Production went until the mid-1970’s.

Marx created a blend of steam locomotives and streamliners, along with brightly colored boxcars, gondolas, and stock cars. Thrown into the mix, Marx also created operating lights and signals, stations, and switch towers all at affordable prices.

These models are some of the most affordable collectible trains around. Check out the Marx collection here at Trainz!

If you want to check out other brands as well, feel free to head to our entire model train collection.

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