Founded in 1911 by Oswald Noch in Glachau, Germany, Noch was established as a plumber’s workshop.  In 1930, his son Erich Noch established an engineering office in NOCH which became a subsidiary of his father's workshop. By 1936, with the help of a resident carpenter, NOCH started selling model buildings. Unfortunately, NOCH had to close shop temporarily during the war, and reopened by Erich in 1945. To start the ball rolling, Erich started building complete model railway layouts for rich customers, and by 1949, the first NOCH catalog was published which showcased his own products including tunnels and background models, and by the end of the year, the first NOCH model railway rolling stock was released. In 1956, Erich fled the German Democratic Republic where he restarted the business building ready-made model railway layouts for private individuals.

Through the years, NOCH developed more product lines including the Gras-Master®, a series of delicate accessories manufactured with the modern Laser-Cut technology, and other innovations. By the time NOCH celebrated its 100th year anniversary, the NOCH brand has become synonymous to exceptional quality in the model railroad industry. Trainz proudly carries a huge variety of NOCH products and accessories.

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