About Us

In 1975, a young entrepreneur with long shaggy brown hair and bell bottom jeans was devising a way to turn his love for model trains into a career that would last a lifetime. Our founder, Scott Griggs’ small business began in his parents’ garage. Word soon spread about this ambitious kid with phenomenal mechanical skills, and business was booming. As a junior in high school he bought the Lionel Service Station inventory from Toledo’s Trains Hospital for Trains owned by Harry Train, for $2,000.00. The S & G Electric Train and Appliance Service was born.

Over time, the business grew and evolved into what it is today - Trainz.com. Now an e-commerce company with millions in sales annually, Trainz is housed in a twenty thousand square foot facility in Buford, Georgia. Our team of over fifty full and part time employees is the heart and soul of our company, many being train collectors themselves. We believe in American ingenuity, trust, and integrity. We also provide the knowledge and decades of experience that other hobby stores just can’t match.

Trainz buys collections and does all the grunt work for you - box matching, cleaning, repairing, taking photos, researching and pricing the item. We gladly buy rolling stock and other pieces from collectors downsizing, people changing scales, or those leaving the hobby. We have decades of pricing history to rely on with an immense in-house database of transactions.

The collectible train market is our specialty. We have the knowledge and experience to maximize profit for collectors selling to us, and the honesty and integrity to make sure our buyers know exactly what they will receive when they open that cardboard shipping box.

Have a collection you're thinking of selling? Click here to learn more about the process , sit back, relax, and let us do all the work!

Trainz is certified as a Great Place to Work and we are always hiring. If you think you have the right stuff, please check out our Careers Page!