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    For years has been a leader in online sales for collectible model trains at eBay,, and our own on-line auctions at

  • Collections

    We have the capacity to handle collections of any size at our two warehouses in Buford GA. We've managed collections valued up to $800,000 and more!

  • Passion

    We share your passion for collecting! The crew is ready to process your collection and make sure every piece finds exactly the right home.

  • knowledge

    We have the people, knowledge, systems, space, and processes to handle hundreds of items a day, while still giving every piece of your collection the individual attention it deserves.

  • selling train collections

    We've been buying and selling train collections for a very long time. We've come up with a list of three factors that most often influence our seller's decision when choosing how to sell their collection.

  • In our Guide To Selling

    In our Guide To Selling Your Trains we break down all the different options and rank them based upon those three factors.

Three Super Easy Steps to Get Started!

1. Make a Train list!

Our process starts with a list of the items you would like to sell. If you don't have a list or can't make a list, call or email us and we'll try our best to help.

For large collections we can work with you to make arrangements without a list.

Need a template for your list? Download ours in Excel or PDF format!

2. Submit Your Train List!

Send us your list and we'll get started right away!

E-mail your list to

Fax your list to 866.935.9504.

Mail your list to - 2740 Faith Industrial Drive - Buford, GA 30518

3. Sell Your Trains!

That's it. We'll do the work from there.

With a good inventory list we probably have all we need. We'll ask a few questions about you and your collection along the way to help us determine what options are best for you.

For large collections we may want to come take a look, but that step usually isn't necessary.

We have Options to Fit Individual Needs!

Get A Fast and Fair Offer to Purchage Your Train Collection Outright...

We'll review your list to see if we're interested (if your collection is mostly low value items and our total offer would be less than $500 we may not be). We'll usually notify you within 1 to 2 business days if we are (or are not) interested in purchasing you collection.

If we're interested we'll spend a few days valuing your collection based on our own sales history and other pricing sources. If we have questions about an item we'll contact you for more information. Once we have an offer we'll call or e-mail you to fill you in on all the details.

Read on for some of the common questions we receive.

Let us Sell Your Train Collection Through Our On-Line Auction Site...

We offer competitive commission rates for our on-line auction service.

We'll review your list and provide you with an estimated value for what we expect your collection to sell for at our on-line auctions. We're the only company around that will provide estimates for auction sales. The time we spend doing price research helps us set starting values for each of your items, maximizing the final sale price.

Your first item will generally list to auction within 10 business days of receiving your collection, the time to process your entire collection will depend on the number of items. You'll receive payments for your items every 30 days as they're won and paid for. If an item doesn't sell we'll re-list it with a slightly lower starting price to bring in the bids.

Get Our Free Guide to Selling Your Trains.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Selling Your Train Collection...