Trainz Rewards

Welcome to Trainz Rewards!

Once you've signed up by clicking on the Sign up and Earn! button on the bottom right of any page, every purchase on will earn you points that can be turned into a discount on future orders.



Account creation

1X Point Multiplier



1,000 points earned

2X Point Multiplier



5,000 points earned

3X Point Multiplier

Private Car

Private Car

Premium Membership

5X Point Multiplier

The Tiers

We want to keep it simple, with three tiers available.

  • Bronze: Here's your entry to Trainz Rewards. Earn 1 point per dollar spent on
  • Silver: Once you've reached 1,000 points earned on, step into the Silver tier where you'll earn 2 points per dollar spent.
  • Gold: After you've hit 5,000 points earned on, enjoy 3 points per dollar spent.

Ways to earn points

Shop on

A minimum of one point per dollar

Share on social media

25 points

Purchase a Premium Membership

Earn the maximum 5 points per dollar

There are lots of ways to earn points!

  • Shop on You earn a minimum of one point per dollar spent at, excluding sales tax and shipping charges.
  • Share: Share us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter and get 25 points per platform.
  • Purchase a Premium Membership and earn the maximum 5 points per dollar spent on

Redeeming points

You can redeem Trainz Rewards points at the rate of 100 points for a $1.00 discount on your order. For example, if you have 1,701 points you can redeem them for a $17.01 discount on your next order.

How do I use my points?

Click on your Trainz Rewards button on the bottom right of any page.

How do I use my points

Look for Convert your Points into discount and click on Claim. Now, you may not have as many points as our example below!

You can choose your amount in one of three ways. Enter how many points you wish to use in the top Points box, enter a dollar figure in the $ box below, or drag the slider to the right until you hit your desired amount. Then, click on Create discount. It will deduct the number of points you've decided on from your balance and create a unique code just for you.

Congratulations, you've created your discount. Hit the red Copy button and it'll be saved in your browser. You can write it down, but don't forget that 0 (zero) and O (o) look very similar. If your written code isn't working, try swapping one for the other.

What if I forgot to use my code?

Create a discount and forget to use it? Don't worry, it hasn't been lost. Open up your Rewards app. Right below Convert your Points into discount you'll see any active discount codes you've created.

By clicking on View you'll be shown the code for you to copy and use.

If you have created a code in error, it will remain active until you have a chance to use it in the future.

Where do I enter the code?

Once you've reached the checkout stage, you'll see a space to enter a gift card or discount code.

Enter your code, click Apply, and you'll see the total update to reflect your discount as shown in the image below.

Please note you cannot stack multiple discount codes.

Private Car membership

Looking for something more exclusive? Learn about Private Car membership!

Welcome to Trainz Rewards!