Aristo-Craft trains was in business for 80 years, from 1935 until economic reasons cased it it to cease operations in 2013. Aristo-Craft and the Polk family operated a retail store in New York for years.

They then manufactured all sort of trains and Radio Control products and also did a big business in importing and distributing model products as well. Aristo-Craft introduced it's G Scale trains in 1988 to also run on the 45mm 'G' gauge track that LGB established. Up until that time LGB had almost 100% of the G Scale market since LGB created it in 1968.

Aristo-Craft decide to make it's new line of trains compatible with LGB, but with American protypes to more widely appeal to the American market. Aristo-Craft chose the scale of 1:29 to create rolling stock that would look good with the European cars that LGB was producing in 1:32 scale. 

Interestingly, 1:29 is exactly three times the size of HO scale which makes it easier to utilize the engineering that Aristo-Craft had already done in HO scale. Aristo-Craft rose to become the second largest G Scale manufacturer for decades.

Trainz buys many large G scale collections from all over the USA and is now the largest reseller or Aristo-Craft trains in the country.