Founded in 1979 by Bill Wade, Bills Train Shop, also known as B.T.S.  caters to the needs of the model railroading community through its outstanding products. The company’s mission is to provide modelers true-to-life products which includes small-to-medium structures, and more than one hundred model trains.  In 1990, Bill Wade entered into laser kit manufacturing, paving the way for B.T.S.  to expand its product line, and create new and challenging kits. Encouraged by the sales of his new product line and to innovate further, B.T.S in 1998 purchased Master Creations, one of the pioneers in laser kit manufacturing. Master Creations product line was merged with B.T.S., thus, further expanding its market and providing model builders more accurate and highly-detailed kits.

B.T.S. products are designed to be used by adult modelers and are not intended for children under the age of 18. You can purchase a variety of B.T.S. products in Trainz.