Faller is a German toy company founded by brothers Edwin and Hermann Faller in 1946.Today, Faller now specializes in plastic model kits, scenery, and other accessories for your model railroad. Their product line features products for HO, N, TT, and Z Scales. If you are looking for railway structures, bridges, terrain accessories, buildings and amusement rides, figures and people, Faller has a great selection. The “Car System", available in HO and N, gives realistic fashion to specialized cars and trucks without the need for guide rails. In 2013, faller released their digital car system which allows controlling the system on your computer.

If you’re looking to add some detail to your train set, Faller offers loads of scenery items in a wide variety of scales for you to choose from.

If you want to check out other brands as well, feel free to head to our entire trains scenery collection.

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