Marklin My World HO Scale Battery Powered Children's Trains

The Marklin My World series of children's trains fill a void in the model train spectrum. This train system is perfect for those that want more than the wood track push toy trains, but are not quite ready for a model train set. Marklin My World trains are high quality toys, they feature a simple wireless controller that has three speeds in forward and in reverse. They run on HO gauge track and are battery powered with simple magnetic couplers. This means they are easy for small hands to couple and uncouple and to put back on the track. One of the most expensive aspects of trains is the track, but since these run on HO track, the tracks system can be extremity affordable, especially using old brass track that really isn't very practical for HO layouts compared to nickle silver track. If someone else already has an HO layout, what great fun it is for the child to run their My World trains on it without any need to now how the sophisticated controls work, just put them on the track and go!

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