Collection: Modern Trains

Trainz buys and sells O Gauge modern era trains. Lionel has by far the largest market share of O Modern trains. Lionel has introduced several innovations in this era including RailSounds, TMCC (Remote Control), Odyssey Speed Control,  Legacy Remote Control, and its Vision Line. The next largest manufacturer is Mike's Train House (MTH). MTH has its Premier and Rail King product lines and has also introduced many revolutionary products including Protosounds, DCS, and Locomotives that can be easily converted between 2 and 3-rail track systems. Other manufacturers are K-Line, Atlas, Williams, Weaver, 3rd Rail, and most recently Bachmann.

Trainz offers the largest ever-changing inventory of O Gauge Modern era trains to Lionel collectors and operators in the USA. We have thousands of items! Steam Locomotives, Diesel Locomotives, Freight Cars, Passenger Cars, Track, Switches, Transformers, and Accessories.