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We've just completed a major upgrade to the Trainz Rewards program. We've been listening to feedback for years and building to this moment, and I think we've made things much easier to use!

Let's start with creating a discount! In the past this was a multi-step process with lots of mouse clicking and hunting around. No more! Once you're ready to check out, you'll see a new option on the right hand side of the checkout screen.

Use the slider bar to choose your discount amount. Once you've decided, hit the Apply button.

Didn't create the right discount amount? Want to use a special promotion code instead? Hit the X on the discount to remove it. Your points will automatically go back to your balance.

That's it! No codes to copy and paste or write things down, no getting stuck with a discount amount you created by accident and not being able to find it again.

We've also reworked our Trainz Rewards offerings for regular and Private Car members.

  • Earn points by following us on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.
  • Enter your birthday for yearly bonus points.
  • Bonus points when you unlock a new tier! (Bronze to Silver, Silver to Gold, or purchase of a Private Car membership)
  • Refer a friend - they'll get a $10 coupon good on any order of $100 or more (excluding tax and shipping) and once they purchase, you'll get 1,000 points to use yourself.

Because of the enormity of these changes and the sheer volume of members, your points balance may not complete updating right away. Please be patient.

If you feel it's incorrect or something's missing, reply to this email with your account's email address, your issue, and any screenshots that will help us track down the problem.

Enjoy the new Trainz Rewards!

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