Man versus Machine

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Not since the days of Garry Kasparov versus Deep Blue have we seen a matchup like this! Man versus machine, underdog versus corporate monster. An extraordinary moment for all of us. Who will step into the ring and be pronounced the victor?

In this corner, ChatGPT, a $29 billion juggernaut trained on over 570 gigabytes of primarily copyrighted content used without compensation or author permission, consuming over 1 gigawatt hour of electricity every day (enough to power 33,000 houses!).

And in this corner, Kevin, with a three pound lump of mostly fat in his skull running on 23 watts of bio-generated electricity and what he calls a "gut feeling" on what best helps our customers. 

The contest? Who could write email content that best helps our customers.
The judge? Based on our newsletter's A/B testing ability, we have an answer. It was an extremely close fight!

Based on a sample size of 57,620 recipients, Kevin comes in with the win at 55% confidence. Please note that the difference is a microscopic 0.00694 percent! 

We now go ring-side for some words with the winner.
"Well, it was an interesting challenge. I didn't do anything different than I normally do with company newsletters, just my usual effort. Subject line, template, visuals - everything else was identical. We were comparing based on a paragraph or so of text. Could I do better with a team of coders and engineers spending years tuning my abilities, billions of dollars spent on training, or access to the totality of the written word? Possibly."

Asked what he plans on doing to celebrate the win, Kevin responded with "I don't know, maybe write some silly email with some basic stats about a one-off test like Howard Cosell is narrating a boxing match?"

There you have it folks. Truly a sight to behold. A fight for the ages.
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